Dear Friends & Colleagues,

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we realise that our educational technology enterprises are going to suffer financially. We are determined to fight on and publicise the excellent work we are achieving with deaf and disabled children, young people and adults, both nationally and internationally.

The METEC consortium aims to invest in a future where emerging digital online technologies, healthy living, improved accessibility, new business opportunities, more sport & creative arts / music can break down communication barriers and dramatically improve the quality of life of this and future generations of deaf and disabled people.

I would very much like to encourage you to think of how you, and your network of friends and colleagues, might support METEC at this Coronavirus landmark in our development.

It would be wonderful if we could, through all our respective connections, raise a substantial amount of funds towards our INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF METEC.

If you wish to donate, please either make cheques payable to DECIBELS or use our Decibels website forms including Gift Aid –

Many thanks indeed for your anticipated support.

METEC Diagram